• Ramadan Shop

    Ramadan Shop (95)

    Ramadan should be a special time of year for Muslims. See our collection of gifts, decorations, and everything you need to prepare for this holy month. We also have an informative Ramadan blog here.

  • Ramadan Decorations

    Ramadan Decorations (16)

    Ramadan is a joyous occasion where families come together to celebrate Islam by fasting. As muslims, we should seek to make these occasions special for our children and even ourselves. We have lots of Ramadan Decorations including buntings, balloons, tassles and calendars.

  • Quran & Quran Speakers

    Quran & Quran Speakers (16)

    A selection of Quran speakers and translations.

  • Personalised Kids Ramadan Calendars

    Personalised Kids Ramadan Calendars (7)

    Introducing our Kids Ramadan Calendars, the perfect way for children to learn about Islam! This collection of beautiful and kid-friendly Ramadan calendars makes celebrating the holy month of Ramadan even more special. Each calendar can be personalised with a name. Good Deed a Day and Dua a Day cards available with all Calendars. Also, see our Ramadan Gifts here.

  • Personalised Eid Sacks

    Personalised Eid Sacks (31)

    What better way to say Eid Mubarak than our selection of Personalised Eid Sacks! Add your child's name to the sack, creating that special touch. If you need help filling your sack, then we have a selection of Eid gifts here.

  • Kids Prayer Mats

    Kids Prayer Mats (31)

    Introducing our collection of kids prayer mats! Our child friendly and padded prayer mats are perfect for little ones who are beginning to learn about Salah. They are the perfect prayer mat gift as they are available in a variety of colours and designs, making them the perfect choice for any little Muslim. They can also be personalised with a name or initial so are a perfect way to encourage your child to take their first steps in Salah.

  • Islamic Wall Art

    Islamic Wall Art (12)

    Islamic Wall Art for your home, lots of designs and colours.

  • Eid Tableware

    Eid Tableware (6)

    A selection of Eid Tableware sets, making Eid dining special.

  • Eid Pyjamas & Ramadan Pyjamas

    Eid Pyjamas & Ramadan Pyjamas (22)

    Get your kids ready to celebrate Eid in style with our new line of Kids Eid Pyjamas! Featuring vibrant colours and fun patterns, these pyjamas make for a perfect personalised gift . Shop now and get ready for a memorable celebration this Eid!

  • Eid Gifts for Kids

    Eid Gifts for Kids (33)

    Looking for Eid gift ideas for kids? Check out our range of Islamic gifts that are perfect for your loved ones. From Quran speakers to books and personalisable prayer mats, we have the perfect gifts for all of your friends and family this blessed month. Celebrate Eid al-Fitr with thoughtful gifts for your family members during this holy period.

  • Eid & Ramadan Party Sets

    Eid & Ramadan Party Sets (7)

    A collection of Eid Party Sets matching the Eid Themes. Bring your home to life with our Eid and Ramadan Decorations.

  • Adults Personalised Prayer Mats

    Adults Personalised Prayer Mats (44)

    Looking for a high-quality and stylish Islamic prayer mat? Our selection of personalisable padded prayer mats, made from luxurious velvet are ultra-soft, making them perfect for anyone who wants to pray in comfort. With a wide range of colours and designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect, thick prayer mat to meet your needs. Plus, they come with a handy storage bag so you can keep your mat clean and safe when you’re not using it. Browse our entire range of Adults and Kids Prayer Mats.


Bring Islam to life for your little ones with children’s Muslim books

Are you looking for ways to teach your children the foundations of Islam in a fun way?

I was, which is why I founded Little Muslim Books.

I started with kids Islamic books but we now stock a range of Toys, Gifts and other fun ways to learn about Islam, we have something for everyone.

Loving times with growing minds

During the first four years, your child’s brain develops dramatically and absorbs huge amounts of information. It’s the perfect time to teach them the basics of Islam.

At the same time, I know from experience that a child’s attention span is short. They want Books and Toys that they can relate to, enjoy and remember.

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