We are going international!

We are going international!!!! After the phenomenal response from the first few weeks of trading Little Muslim Books has received messages from America, UAE, South Africa, Australia, France and Germany just to name a few, customers and suppliers who wanted to purchase our Little Muslim Books!! Therefore, due to high demand we will be shipping internationally from today!!! If we are able to find a cheaper shipping price when processing your order we will refund any savings back to you once the items have been dispatched. If you have any questions or queries please contact us on: Email: Telephone:...

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Peace and Love

As a mother of two children under two I finally get what our parents were worried about. I too want my children to stay on the right path, follow their deen and succeed in life- now these wishes mean something to me! I pray that all our children have the right balance of deen and dunya.....inshallah However, with all the prejudices in society its essential that our next generation knows how beautiful Islam is. Islam is about being a good human and caring about others, it's about remembering Allah and being thankful to him. I want our children to be...

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