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My Eid Gift Ideas for 2023

Eid Gift Ideas

I’m Shabeena Rehman, the founder of Little Muslim Books. I know a thing or two about Eid Gifts and as it’s nearly that special time of year again for Muslims, So I thought that I would compile a list of the best Eid Gift Ideas for kids and for adults. Yes, It’s been a strange 12 months but alhamdulillah we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Ramadan is almost upon us and the excitement is building in my Children(and me:-)) that Eid is not too far away. So I’ve also thrown in a few Ramadan Gift Ideas for good measure.

So to make things easier for us all, I’ve found some of the best Eid gifts for children in 2023. It can be so tough to decide which Eid present to buy so I’ve rounded up a nice variety of 10 Eid Gift ideas.

Eid Gift Ideas: Islamic Wall Stickers by Little Muslim Books

Eid gift Idea-Twinkle star islamic wall sticker

If there was one place that my children could call their favourite place in the world, it would be their bedroom. It’s the place that is truly theirs. What better Eid Gift could you give than something to make their rooms look even nicer. Little Muslim Books has a number of Wall Stickers designed specifically for Muslim Children’s Rooms. We have Wall stickers for grown-ups too, So, Check these out here.

Eid Gift Ideas: Dua Pillows by Desi Doll

Eid gift Idea- Dua pillows three

Dua Pillows are, as the name suggests. Soft cuddly pillows with the added benefit of Dua. My kids love them at bedtime and there is nothing more soothing than putting your children to bed with the sound of a dua to help them sleep. So, Check these out here.

Eid Gift Ideas: Eid Cards by Little Muslim Books

Eid is made that little bit more special when we gift each other cards and presents. So if you are looking for some fun and fresh Eid Cards, then we have something really special for you. These cards are reasonably priced and all profits go to charity. It’s an amazing way to help teach children and grown-ups alike the true purpose of Ramadan and Eid. So, click here to check these out.

Eid Gift Ideas: Eid Tableware by Little Muslim Books

So Eid has arrived and you are looking to set the table. What better way to do this than with disposable Eid Tableware. Little Muslim Books has a wide variety of Plates, Cups, and Napkins sufficient to fulfill all of your Eid requirements. An essential for Eid Click here to check these out.

My Salah Mat by My Salah Mat

Salah Mat open

Salah is the very foundation of our religion. The My Salah Mat is an interactive prayer mat that teaches children (and adults) how to pray Salah. I really love this item and it has touch-sensitive keys making learning Salah that much easier. So its a really good Ramadan gift as well as an amazing Eid gift idea. Click here to check these out.

Eid Sacks by Little Muslim Books

caligrraphy gift sack main image

I remember being young and receiving money for Eid. This was swiftly taken away from me by my parents. I’m sure that I am not the only one. Well, giving gifts means that children have a gift that they can keep and enjoy, and what better place to put your gifts than in an Eid sack Little Muslim Books has a selection of Eid Gift Sacks that can be personalized with a name. So, click here to check these out.

Eid Decorations by Little Muslim Books

Eid party decor

When Eid arrives, I like to add a few decorations to the home. So this really gives my kids the feel of Eid and helps build the excitement of the day. From balloons to banners, Bunting, tableware, and much much more. We have you covered. One of our favorite Eid Gift Ideas Click here to check these out.

My Little Muslim Friend Dolls by Desi Doll

My Little Muslim Friend Doll

My daughter loves her dolls and it is rare that you see her without one. Little Muslim Friends are cute, cuddly but are also designed to help children understand the Muslim Faith.  Coming in six different designs, these are the perfect Eid Present. So check these out here.

Islamic Books by Little Muslim Books

Books by little muslim books

My kids love nothing more than mummy or daddy reading them a story. So I see this as an amazing opportunity to bond with my children as well as an opportunity for them to learn about Islam. Little Muslim Books has a collection of books for children of all ages. So check these out here.

Quran Speaker by Little Muslim Books

Quran Emeral Speaker with iphone

Ramadan and Eid are the perfect time to refocus on your religion. Listening to and learning the Quran really help with this. We have a range of Quran Speakers packed full of features including:

  • 17 Wolrd renowned reciters
  • Mood Lighting
  • Translated into 15 languages
  • iPhone App

So Check these Amazing Speakers out here

Ramadan Activity Book by My Salah Mat

Ramadan Activity booklet front

Let’s be honest, when we’re not eating during Ramadan, we realize how much of our time we actually spend eating :-). On a positive note, this gives us more time to spend with our kids. What better way for our children to productively spend their time than learning about Ramadan through Quizzes and puzzles? So, This really is a gem for Ramadan and if I’m honest, I learned a lot myself. Check the Ramadan Activity Book out here.

Arabic Alphabet Play Dough by Desi Doll

Arabic Alphabet Play Dough


So we know that all kids love play-dough. Well, this plays dough with a difference. It contains the Arabic alphabet meaning that our children can learn Arabic all whilst playing with play dough. Great fun and an amazing way for our children to develop. You can find this here.

Eid Gift Ideas roundup

So that rounds up my top Eid Gift Ideas for you and your children in 2023. Let’s make this Eid extra special for our children. They’ve gone through so much and have shown so much resilience over this past year. To see our full collection of toys and gifts, click the button below.

See our complete Eid Collection by clicking here.

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