Happy birthday to my first born

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Happy birthday first born

Happy birthday first born, So Little Muslim Books was inspired by this #littleman. Sulaiman, my first born, with your first born it’s a whirl wind. The first tar nappy change, first latch/feed, first burp, first sneeze, first stretch and yawn, the first sleepless night, the first nappy leak, projectile vomit, colic cry…..and that long-awaited first smile. So, Those early first moments are something that you document (pictures or write them down. By your third baby you don’t have any memory left on your phone) and never forget!!

As a parent, there is nothing quite like the feeling of joy and love that comes with the arrival of a new baby. And as your child grows and develops. So, each birthday is a special opportunity to celebrate all the amazing things they have achieved so far. To look forward to all the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

Becoming a mum

I never thought (ever) that becoming a mum would be such a big part of my life or identity but it is. Having this little man show me how to love unconditionally is actually magical!! Holding them in your arms. That first moment everything around you becomes insignificant as you stroke his little hand and look into his eyes. When you’re in that moment – it’s feels like you’re the only one lucky enough to experience it not realising that in the delivery room next door someone else is in the same bubble as you! Subhan’Allah!

I don’t know where the last 4 years went and how my 4 pound 6 oz first born is now an older brother to his little sister and brother!

And here he is! As part of his many first moments. Vocabulary and speech was such an important milestone. My health visitors urged me to make sure I constantly interact with him and a nice activity is reading books.

Happy birthday first born

When he was a couple of months old I invested in many mainstream #boardbooks, like “that’s not my kitten” , “dear zoo” and many others! Read them over and over and over again. In those moment he would concentrate I would adapt the story and words to incorporate Punjabi and Arabic. while doing that I’d wish that the characters were someone my child could identify with. And eureka (light bulb moment) I just started to write some ideas down. Nothing became of these ideas for around 18 months until I was on maternity leave (with my daughter) that I wrote my first story.

“Hakeem learns Bismillah” was the first story I wrote down. And “Hakeem learns As salamu alaykum” was the first one where the characters and illustrations were developed. Zara and Hakeem looked very different in the very first stages. But my illustrator knew that Hakeem and Zara had to look like my children.

As I spend the day reminiscing about the last 4 years I pray that Allah protects my special boy. Keeps him safe, well and on the right path, So grants him with the great assets from his deen and the luxuries of dunya. Ameen!

Mummy loves you loads! Xxxx

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