Mom to Irish triplets

Mom to Irish triplets

Irish triplets are when three children are born to the same mother within three years. A term I learnt while in hospital with Dawud my third baby…. “Irish triplets” it’s so surreal to know and see that I’m a mom of three children 3 years and under!! Alhamdulillah I feel blessed, overwhelmed and very tired.

Irish triplets: My story

I have received messages from my followers asking if Little Muslim Books is still trading…. yes, yes, and of course yes. Alhamdulillah! Yes we are! Although, I have been on unofficial maternity leave. Baby Dawud Javaid Alam graced us with his presence in June and I have been in hiding ever since….only to surface at stupid o’clock….. I have been so unbelievably busy with my Irish triplets.

Sulaiman is my first born who’s now 3 and a half, the one who inspired Little Muslim Books. Saira who’s 2 going on to 20! My confident diva who inspired Zara (character from the Hakeem collection) and now Dawud. My lucky little charm (it’s good luck when babies are born in their sack like Dawud). The final piece to my little family (and the reason I traded my dream car for a flipping bus (okay a 7 seater)).


It’s an amazing feeling to know my little family is complete…..but wow it’s an adjustment. Mainly because you forget how demanding new borns are (especially when breast feed). A good two hour feeding session/ nappy changes at 3am feels so difficult this time round…. and if my 2 year old Saira wakes up in between because she’s teething the actual day just drags because I’m so tired!!! It’s the exhaustion that gets to you!!

The tiredness/ lack of sleep and generally low energy can get you feeling low…. in your mood and exploring postpartum feelings may be common but I genuinely feel this is due to the lack of sleep.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in tears at 4am. I was so tired and the new born had woken me up around 2am.  up with him for an hour and half feeding him and changing his nappy for the third time he finally fell asleep. Then my 3 year old Sulaiman woke up crying from a nightmare. Not making any sense and eventually when talking clearly started demanding stories and milk.

After giving him what he wanted (to tired to debate or negotiate) he went to sleep only to wake me up again. Then the new born woke up having heard him crying on the monitor, 4am. Both boys are awake, crying and there’s me like….

I just want to sleep….please!!!

In floods of tears at breaking point…. hubby please wake up and help me (I know you have work in a few hours)…. he got up to see to Sulaiman …. while I lay in bed teary and tired!! He came back to our room and settled Dawud the newborn and I just felt relieved….. but started wondering am I suffering from postpartum despression? Why am I so upset, I can’t even crack a smile some days!

Anyway the next night a miracle (never happened since) our newborn slept. Nearly 6 hours straight (5 of which I was sleeping) and the other two didn’t wake up as well!

The next day I felt like me ….. I realised I was tired and just needed some sleep….. I was very quick to label my feelings as depressed rather then tired. As I said it’s the exhaustion that gets you! Of course I’m burnt out….I haven’t had a full night sleep in about 4 years (pregnancy insomnia included)! I can’t remember waking up and feeling refreshed like I’ve had a full night sleep! I generally get awoken….. by one of my Irish triplets!

Once we learnt the news that we were pregnant- AGAIN….we did a lot of reading around the jump from 1 baby vs 2 and 2 children vs 3!! To us all it means is that we are out numbered , and now more than ever you have to work together as a TEAM! Like a real one!!

Previously I would be the lead and my hubby would help (although he probably thought he was doing the lion share) , whereas now- its definitely equal responsibility.

one thing is great that the older two (aged 3 and 2) play together. Chill together and with similar interests can be treated as their own little group so what your doing for one, it’s the same effort for two. However, new borns needs are different to toddlers/ preschoolers so having both parents working or splitting their time is essential!!!

Its nice to hear comments like – your super woman .., how do you do it? But the truth is …. I lose my sh!t constantly. and I feel like I’m not really excelling at anything just barely getting basics done and not very well at that. So if it looks like I’ve effortlessly gone to a family wedding with three kids and we all looking decent. Just remember it’s taken me two days of planning and lots of stress to show my face at this two-hour event with three children.


Now I understand why Jannah is at the mothers feet….. for everything we sacrifice…..our body, mind and soul!. Loving these little beans with every breath….. loving them unconditionally and now with a new focal point in your life, it’s no longer about you and your partner! It’s about this new life that seeks you…your touch, your smell, your sound, and your presence!

So it’s any wonder why Little Muslim Books has been on the back burner. As I said I’ve been on unofficial maternity leave. Now with a renewed desire to inspire Little Muslims.

3 Comments on “Mom to Irish triplets

  1. Awww soo cute and truthfull as people put this act on that’s it’s all so easy and they never shout or get tierd etc to make you feel even more guilty as a mum😂😂 inshallah all in time it settles and you find your routine again

  2. Aaawwwww great to here your getting there having three kids is not easy i have 3 boys but it does get easy im just getting to it now. May Allah pak bless your family with great health and make your children pious

  3. Oh my god! I feel like you’ve just described my life right now, I have a 5 year old, 18 month old and 3 month old. I honestly feel like I cannot cope, some days I feel like sleep deprivation is going to finish me off! I know it gets better but I also know it’s going to be a long journey. I’m not able to enjoy any of my babies and it makes me very sad. My heart feels alive again reading this. How do you and your hubby do it? My hubby and I fall out a lot over who hasn’t done what etc.

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