Islamic Downloadable Activities for Children

Ramadan is the best time to get your little ones involved in the celebrations and meaning of our most blessed days. Even if your children aren’t old enough to fast, it provides an opportunity to teach children important values, such as being grateful for what they have, helping those in need and being mindful of what they say and do.

At Little Muslim Books we offer a range of Free and Paid Downloadable products. These digital treasures not only cater to the financial accessibility of families but also serve as valuable tools for nurturing the minds of the youngest members of the Muslim community. From flashcards to colouring books, there’s something for every age group and interest.

Ramadan Activity Sheets

Ramadan Activity Sheets

Keep your little ones occupied during Ramadan with our downloadable activity sheets with different activities for each day of Ramadan! From spot the difference and colouring to word searches and puzzles, these sheets offer a unique and interactive way for children to deepen their understanding of Ramadan. Ramadan is a time for families to come together, and these activity sheets are designed to enhance this sense of togetherness. Many of the activities encourage family participation, turning learning about Ramadan into a collaborative and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s solving puzzles together or discussing the significance of certain traditions, these activity sheets create opportunities for meaningful family conversations.

These activity sheets are also available as physical books that can be delivered to your home.

Ramadan Colouring Book - Free Download

Ramadan Colouring Book

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, our unique Ramadan colouring book offers artistic expression for your little ones as a fun and meaningful way to connect with their faith and offer insights into the significance of Ramadan. It features intricately designed illustrations inspired by the traditions and symbols associated with this holy month. From crescent moons and lanterns to mosques and traditional patterns, each page is a canvas waiting to be transformed into a vibrant masterpiece by your young artists.

99 Names of Allah - Free Download PDF

99 Names of Allah PDF

Our downloadable 99 Names of Allah PDF is an amazing learning tool to teach your little ones the English and Arabic translations of Allah’s names. Enrich your children’s minds with this educational activity and lay the foundation for a strong and lasting connection with Allah.


99 Names of Allah Flashcards

99 Names of Allah Flashcards

Our 99 Names of Allah Flashcards provide an engaging way for children to learn the 99 names of Allah through repetition to enhance their understanding. Simply print and cut out these cards or for additional learning moments whether you are at home or on the go. 

Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards

Arabic Alphabet Flashcards

The Arabic alphabet is a crucial aspect of the Arabic language and holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide. Teach your children the Arabic alphabet and help them master the basics of the language from an early age. Each card features the English translation beneath each letter to make it easy for learners to associate the two forms and improve their understanding of the language.

My Hadith Cards For Ramadan - Free Download

My Hadith Cards

The My Hadith Cards are an essential tool for Muslims seeking to learn and memorise the sayings of the Prophet in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for gifting, these cards also fit perfectly in our Ramadan calendars for an additional activity for each day of Ramadan.

My Dua Cards Free Downloads

My Dua Cards

Our My Dua Cards feature some of the most important Duas in both Arabic and English translations making them perfect for both adults and children to learn the main duas and situations that each is appropriate to be made. 

Good Deed & Dua a Day Cards Free Download

Good Deed & Dua a Day Cards

The downloadable Good Deed & Dua a Day Cards are a great addition for your Ramadan calendars as the activities can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life. Children eagerly anticipate each day’s card, turning the learning of good deeds and duas into a delightful routine. By incorporating daily activities, the cards instil a sense of accountability in children and are a perfect way for them to understand the importance of Ramadan before they start to fast.

Prophets of Islam Flash Cards - Free Download

Prophets of Islam Cards

Our Prophets of Islam flashcards are the perfect educational tool for children and adults alike who want to learn the names of the prophets of Islam. This set of high-quality cards features the prophets’ names in both Arabic and English forms. Whether you are a parent looking for a fun and educational tool for your child, a teacher searching for classroom resources, or an individual who wants to learn some about the Prophets, our cards are the perfect choice.

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