Introducing our collection of Quran Cubes and Bluetooth Speakers, the perfect companions for your spiritual journey. These innovative devices are designed to help you connect with the Quran’s teachings, making your daily devotion more accessible and immersive. With translations in numerous languages from world-renowned Qur’anic reciters our Quran Cubes are the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Browse our range of projection lamps that instantly projects a field of unique shapes and colours across your room enhancing the bedtime routine, living room or any other space in the home!

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    Black Diamond Quran Projection Lamp and Speaker

  • Sale! Quran Moon Lamp

    Galaxy Quran Moon Lamp

  • Sale! Quran Lantern green light

    Gold Quran Lantern

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    Quran Arabic Cube

  • Sale! emerald quran cube white light

    Quran Emerald Cube Speaker

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    Quran Moon Lamp Speaker(Large)

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    Quran Star Lamp (Projection lamp)

  • Sale! quran table lamp app being used

    Quran Table Lamp Speaker

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    Quran White Crescent Lamp (Projection lamp)