all islamic activity booklets togetherall islamic activity booklets together

5 Pillars Islamic Activity Books


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We are happy to present ‘The 5 Pillars of Islam Activity Books Collection’. A lovely collection of kids activity books to help them learn about the most important aspects of Islam.

Nothing is better than having your children sit down and learn Islam through fun and engaging activities. This collection has the following booklets.

1. Shahada [Faith] Activity Booklet

2. Zakat [Charity] Activity Booklet

3. Prayer [Salah] Activity Booklet

4. Ramadan [SAWM] Activity Booklet!

5. Hajj & Umrah Activity Booklet!

Each Booklet comes packed with the following

  • Fun puzzles
  • Activities
  • Educational information

All information is peer-reviewed by respected Scholars and teachers with 10+ years of teaching experience. We hope that this 5 Pillar Activity Books Collection will enrich your child’s understanding of all the pillars of Islam Insha’Allah. Click here to see our collections of Kids Islamic Books.


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