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Hajj & Umrah Shoe & Prayer Mat Bag

When performing Hajj and Umrah, it is often overlooked that there will be a lot of shoes left at the entrances of mosques during salah time. That’s why shoes and sandals are often lost whilst performing Hajj or Umrah.

We’ve got the solution to this problem and it is the Hajj Safe Everyday Shoe & Prayer Mat Bag.

Designed specifically for Hajj & Umrah, just place your shoes inside and keep them with you as you perform your Salah. A spacious bag with enough room for a prayer mat, which is ideal whilst traveling. You can also use the bag to store a bottle of water for those warm days. A zipper pocket on the inside of the bag keeps things neatly separated, hygienic and safe.

The bag is of premium quality and made from strong nylon with simple drawstrings to open and lose.

The bag measures 35cm wide by 40 cm high.

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