Zara and Hakeem learn Alhamdulillah

As young children grow up, it is important that they learn key Islamic words and the correct context in which to use them. Our range of Islamic books teaches young children how to some of the important words in Islam.

Through a fun and playful storybook, we define Alhamdulilah whilst teaching children when to use the word. In addition to this, Alhamdulilah is repeated on a number of occasions as our research shows that children learn through repetition.

The story centers around our characters, Hakeem and Zara, who find mummy unwell in bed. Zara and Hakeem help with the chores but everyone keeps on sneezing.

We’ve written a blog about the work Alhamdulilah. You can check this out here.

Quote from the author

“As a mum I found that babies and toddlers love it when you make animated sounds when reading, therefore repeating ‘Alhamdulillah’ along with sneezing sounds will help them link these sounds and words together.”

Shabeena Rehman – Founder of Little Muslim Books

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About The Author

Shabeena Rehman

Having young children brings lots of challenges. One of the challenges is making them good Muslims. We asked ourselves, how do you teach a young child about Islam in a fun way?

That’s why we created the Hakeem and Zara Collection. A collection of kids Islamic books helping teach basic words and concepts in Islam.

Zara and Hakeem learn Alhamdulillah is a fun Islamic storybook teaching young children how to effectively use the word ‘Alhamdulilah’. The word is blended nicely into a storybook that takes your child on a journey whilst repeating the word and helping them learn naturally. The book is fun and allows your child to learn in the best environment.

As well as learning to say the word, children learn the meaning of Alhamdulillah and the correct context in which it should be used. I’ve written an article that gives further guidance on the work Alhamdulilah, you can read this here.

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Customer Reviews

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One mistake

The book is good and interactive. The repetition is perfect. However, there is one misleading information, when someone sneezes, the other person does not tell them Alhamdulilah, the other person says Yarhamkumullah

Neiha Shaukat

Great for toddler.

Mariyam Kamran
Zara and Hakeem learn Alhumdolillah

*A Board book, so it's great for toddlers.

*The illustrations are cute, in bright colors so it's great for kids that have developed the habit of holding a book by now.

*A great way to help children connect everything to it's Creator.

*I want to mention something separately, The illustrations are super detailed! I love this part! So much attention to detail!

*I love that it promotes gender neutral roles, showing the father working around the house, as was the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Sws.

*I kind of regret not getting more of the same series.