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Kiitab by Learning Roots

We Used Modern Technology to Enhance Islamic Learning

As a Muslim parent, providing your child with an Islamic upbringing and education will certainly involve learning some aspects of the Arabic language, whether it be the noble Quran or words of dua.

The problem, however, is that pronouncing these words correctly and understanding them requires a teacher to be on-hand to help.

At least that’s how it used to be before Kiitab came along…

  • Kiitab can speak any word that you touch it with, allowing you to listen to Arabic words being pronounced perfectly at your convenience and without the need for a teacher.
  • Kiitab can play games, increasing your child’s level of engagement with the learning material.
  • Kiitab can explain things, including translation and rules so you can gain a deeper understanding of the material.
  • Kiitab is light, portable and so simple to use, so that a child can take it with them wherever they go.
  • Kiitab has enhanced speaker quality, so sounds are easy and clear to understand.
  • Children can however, use headphones if you don’t wish to disturb others while learning.
  • Kiitab does NOT use batteries. It uses a USB charger, much like your smartphone.
Kiitab comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


Sold out!

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 8 cm

Kiitab uses advanced dot code technology that senses where you touch on a page and is able to match that to the correct sound that is contained in a data file inside the device. The best part is that Kiitab is a one-time investment that can be used with all future and past Kiitab compatible products.

In the box, you’ll get:

  • The Kiitab device
  • USB to Mini USB charger cable
  • User manual
  • The packaging box itself is a great storage solution to keep your Kiitab safe.
What products can I use it with?

Several Kiitab compatible products are being developed, and at present, the device is compatible with the following four Learning Roots products:

If you’re purchasing a Kiitab device by itself, please ensure you have one of the compatible products to use it with.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alia Sabir
Kiitab pen

This is very good, I use it when my daughter stuggles to read her Qaida so it helps her

F Moni

Allahamdolillah very happy with the purchase and my little one too Jazakallah o khaira

Wahida O
Kiitab pen

This product is absolutely amazing. It means I am able to teach my children correctly using tajweed.
Also as a busy mum I am able to leave my child alone to get on with her work, knowing she can use the pen to see if she is reading correctly.

Shazia Choudry
Kiitab pen

Works perfectly and arrived on time. Good price

Nargus M

I owned a kiitab pen previously with my older children and bought a new one for the younger ones since I passed down the older one to relatives. Kiitab was excellent for teaching them everything about the qaida in a super fun and interactive way. It particularly helped keep my neurodivergent(ADHD/ASD) kids engaged. They loved the independence, the ability to repeat the letter/word with the pen as many times as they needed and the find me game. Definitely recommend to all with you young children.