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Migo and Ali: A to Z of Islam

Migo & Ali are back with Migo and Ali A to Z of Islam! This charming Hardback 300 page, full colour book, covers 75 topics about Islam, all in a fun and friendly way.


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Migo & Ali are back with Migo and Ali: A to Z of Islam! This charming Hardback 300 page, full-colour book, covers 75 topics! Children will find Islamic words or concepts explained in simple, loving, child-friendly language. Vibrant illustrations decorate every section, and we see more of the light-hearted, humorous dialogue between Migo and Ali, which is what these characters are renowned for! This go-to resource is a family Islamic parenting tool that you shouldn’t be without.


Migo and Ali A to Z of Islam is written by Zanib Mian who has provided 300 pages of knowledge of Islam, all in child-friendly language. There is no better children’s book that teaches young children the basics of Islam in such an engaging way. This includes the following topics

Adhaan – Alhamdulilah – Allah – Angels -Aqeedah – Ashura – Ayat -A’udobillah -Beard – Bismillah – Dhikr – Dua – Eid – Fard – Five pillars – Ghusl – Hadith – Hajj -Halal -Haram – Hijab – Hijra – Holy Books – Iftar – Ihram – Ihsan – Imaan – Imam – In sha Allah – Iqama – Islamic months – Israa and miraj – Jannah – Jazak Allah Khair – Jummah – Kaaba – Khutba – Laylatul Qadr – Madinah – MashaAllah – Masjid – Miswaak – Moon – Mu’adhin – Prayer mat – Prophets – Qibla – Qiyam – Quraish – Quran – Ramadan – Ruku – Sadaqa – Saff – Sahaba – Salaam – Salah – Shahada – Shaytan – Subhan Allah – Suhur (see Ramadan) – Sujood – Sunnah – Surah – Tahajjud – Takbeer, Tahleel, Tahmeed and Tasbih – Talbiyah (see also Hajj/Umrah) – Taqwa – Taraweeh – Tawakkul – Tawhid – Umrah – Wajib – Wudu – Zakat – Zamzam


Packed with beautiful full-page illustrations and fun text, it is very easy to read, and children from ages 5 and up will be sure to enjoy the book.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nahida Fathima

Bought for my 6 years old son as ramadan gift.. now it's his favourite book of all time. Alhamdulillah glad I bought it.

Sarah Ishaq
Brilliant Book

Purchased for my 7 year old she loves reading it, has so much information for the whole family to learn.

Earem Aftab
Best book for the family

The beat ramadan purchase I have made and by far the o ly boom that gets my kids to sit and engage in. The constant excited questions they ask shows they are enjoying reading the book just as much as myself.

Hard back book with great quality pages and very colourful. Lovely pictures and written in a very child friendly way that makes engaging them in story of Islam so much fun.

Sana Ali
Brilliant wish there was many more

Amazing educational books for not only children but family to listen and learn too

parents buy

Would recommend for any parent