Migo and Ali front coverMigo and Ali front cover

Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets

164 pages of Stories about the Prophets. A must-have for anyone who wants engaging stories about the Prophets(Peace be upon them all)


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Migo and Ali is a book written by Zanib Mian who has carefully written stories of 17 prophets (peace be upon them all) in engaging child-friendly language. There is no better children’s book that writes about The Stories of the Prophets.

  • Adam (as)
  • Nuh (as)
  • Salih (as)
  • Ibrahim (as)
  • Ismail (as)
  • Ishaaq (as)
  • Yusuf (as) & Yaqub (as)
  • Ayub (as)
  • Yunus (as)
  • Musa (as)
  • Dawud (as)
  • Sulaiman (as)
  • Zakariyah (as) & Yahya (as)
  • Esa (as)
  • Muhammad (saw)

Presented as a large hardback book with 164 full-colour pages, the story follows the two loveable characters Migo the bear and a young boy named Ali. It has a unique story-telling style with each story concluding with a dialogue between the two. Ali will ask Migo questions that your child will already be thinking about.

Packed with beautiful full-page illustrations and fun text, it is very easy to read, and children from ages 3 and up will be sure to enjoy the book.

It has been approved by scholars including Sheikh Shady AlSuleiman who writes: “I read the book and found it very beneficial for Muslim children. It is easy to read and understand. May Allah reward those behind it with the greatest of rewards.”

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful book, speedy delivery

The book is beautiful, the illustrations, the stories, it's a perfect gift for young kids. The order was delivered very quickly, and the communication from Little Muslim Books was great. Will definitely order from here again. Thanks!

Sabeeha Khan
Great read

Not appropriate for my 3 y/o but I’ve read it myself and it’s lovely can’t wait to read it to her

Nesa V
Its so good!

The quality and size of this book is Amazing! Its so easy for children to understand and learn, i wish they had these when i was younger! I would definitely recommend and buy another book from here.

Fatima Ahmed
Mashallah 😍

This is the first book i have brought for my children to learn about the Prophets. Mashallah it has small (not too detailed) stories about each of the Prophets. After each story there is a recap . My kids love this book. Good purchase. 👍


Tells the story of the prophets in a very short and easy way for children to understand. Nice quick introduction for kids. Good to read as bedtime story too as each story is just a few pages long.