My Quran Pad | Interactive Arabic Learning Pad For Kids


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Introducing My Quran Pad, a revolutionary Islamic learning tool inspired by the first message to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), ‘Iqra’ (Read). This innovative product fosters curiosity and instills a love for learning Arabic from an early age.

Designed to teach children the Arabic Alphabet, My Quran Pad features 49 touch-activated keys that recite letters, making learning interactive and enjoyable. But that’s not all – it also teaches animal names, beginner words, introductory Surahs, and delightful Nasheeds, offering a holistic educational experience.

With My Quran Pad, kids can learn at their own pace, exploring the Arabic alphabet independently. This invaluable tool helps build a strong foundation in Arabic, connecting young learners to the Quran and Islam.


  • 49 touch-activated keys [Easy-to-Push]
  • Learn the Arabic Alphabet (Quran)
  • Learn all Arabic short and long vowels
  • Explore 11 Surahs
  • Discover Arabic Beginner Words
  • Enjoy Nasheeds, including the Arabic Alphabet and 99 Names of Allah
  • Learn animal names in Arabic
  • Includes Quran recitation by a qualified reciter
  • Free booklet teaching Arabic alphabet and important words
  • Record function for tracking progress and playback

Embark on a journey into the heart of the Quran and Arabic language with My Quran Pad!