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Oud Incense Cones Gift Set

Gift Set of Oud Incense Cones which includes the following:

1. 10 x Rose & Oud Incense Cones

2. 10 x Oud Arabia Incense Cones

3. 10 x Oud & Amber Incense Cones

4. 10 x Oud Majestic Incense Cones

5.  Oud Incense Cones Glass Burner

Gift Set : The complete gift set giving you 4 fragrances in our incense cones together with an incense cone burner to either treat yourself or to gift to another.  Comes complete in a Black box with all the cones separately packed and labelled for convenience of use.

Directions: Place incense cone on the glass holder. Light the top of the cone using a matchstick or a lighter, then blow out the flame once the red ember appears.  Place the cone in an area such as the kitchen / hallway to allow the scent to disperse across the house / office.

Burn time: Around 15-20 minutes per cone.

Scent: The scent will last for a number of hours following the burning of the cone.

Box includes: 40 incense cones in total with a glass burner.


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he Ultimate Oud Incense Cones Gift Set: Elevate Your Senses

Experience the enchanting world of fragrant luxury with our Oud Incense Cones Gift Set. This exquisite collection brings together four distinct and captivating fragrances, each designed to transport you to a realm of opulence and elegance. Whether it’s a special treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, this set is a gateway to a world of sensory delight.

Four Unique Fragrances, One Unforgettable Experience

In this gift set, you will find:

  1. Rose & Oud Incense Cones (x10): The sweet embrace of roses combined with the richness of oud creates a scent that’s both delicate and profound.
  2. Oud Arabia Incense Cones (x10): Journey to the heart of the East with this dark and fragrant resin scent, where the powerful aroma of oud reigns supreme.
  3. Oud & Amber Incense Cones (x10): Immerse yourself in the deep, velvety blend of oud and amber, with notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla.
  4. Oud Majestic Incense Cones (x10): Indulge in the empowering, woody, and regal scent of Oud Majestic, where citrusy bergamot and sweet coconut meet rich oud.

A Stylish Presentation for Gifting

This gift set is more than just a collection of fragrances; it’s a statement of sophistication. It arrives in a sleek black box, meticulously organized with each set of cones separately packed and labeled for your convenience. The presentation speaks of thoughtfulness and attention to detail, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.

Directions for a Fragrant Experience

Using the included glass burner, placing an incense cone is a breeze. Simply light the top of the cone with a matchstick or a lighter, and once the red ember appears, blow out the flame. Position the cone in an area like your kitchen or hallway, and let the enchanting scent disperse throughout your home or office.

Extended Pleasure for the Senses

Each cone burns for approximately 15-20 minutes, offering you moments of sensory delight. The fragrance doesn’t end there; it lingers in the air for hours, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance.

What’s Inside the Box

Your gift set includes a total of 40 incense cones, with each fragrance carefully curated to provide a unique olfactory experience. The glass burner adds a touch of refinement to your incense ritual, making it an exquisite addition to any space.

Elevate your senses, create an ambiance of luxury, and embrace the world of Oud with this extraordinary gift set. Whether it’s a gift to yourself or a loved one, it’s a journey into the art of fragrance, a testament to elegance, and a celebration of the senses.