Ramadan Calendar yellow and greenRamadan Calendar yellow and green

Ramadan Calendar | Green and Yellow

A Green and Yellow Ramadan Calendar for children. Comes with 30 large pockets and a larger pocket for Eid. Next day delivery for order befores 11am(Mon-Fri).


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Our Green and Yellow Ramadan Calendar is a must-have for Ramadan. Coming with 30 Individually numbered pockets, with a bigger pocket for Eid Day, it makes Ramadan extra special for children.

Features of the Ramadan Calendar

  • Made from Felt Material.
  • Large reusable yellow & green Mosque Ramadan hanging advent calendar
  • Perfect for putting treats/sweets and small toys in each pocket
  • Easily hang the advent calendar using the yellow ribbon at the top


  • Overall calendar length approx: 54cm. Approx width: 35cm
  • Individually numbered pocket size: 6×4.5cm
  • Larger ‘Eid’ pocket size: 14×5.5cm

As well as looking fantastic, this calendar is a great reminder to our Children of the importance of Ramadan. A great Ramadan Gift.

Ramadan is an extra special occasion for Muslims. As an act of devotion to our religion, it is our duty to fast during this period but within this month there is also great reward. As young children are not required to fast, this month can easily pass them by. This Ramadan Calendar, therefore, serves as a nice reminder to our Children that we are participating in the month of Ramadan. A small toy each day will also act as a reward for them, for the good that they have achieved throughout the day.

If your children want a basic understanding of Ramadan then there is a really useful bitesize article here.

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Ramadan calendar

My daughter really liked and pretty much straight away started to fill it with treats. Now she's just waiting for ramadan to actually start.