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Dua Cards | Good Deed a Day Ramadan Calendar Cards | 30 Cards

A selection of 30 Ramadan Dua a Day & Good Deed a Day Cards. Make Ramadan special for your children.

  • High-quality colour cards with unique Dua’s and good deeds written in English.
  • 180gsm thickness
  • Measurement 5cm by 7cm

*Cards arrive on sheets and must be cut


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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Cards

These cards are absoultely beautiful and perfect for little hands. I love the idea of a good deed and dua a day for 30 days. Only downside is they weren't resdy cut. Had to do this myself. If they were cut and sent that would have been preferred.

Fab Deed & Du’a cards

Lovely cards and very fast service, owner is very approachable as I left the order til late and she was very accommodating MashaAllah.

My suggestions would be:
- Pre-cut
- offer in two sizes as I haven’t used it for calendar inserts
- the du’a part it would be nice to read “O Allah…..”

Deed a day cards

They are nice cards . But I was very disappointed to find that they weren’t cut and they came a4 sheets, I know this is what it says in the bottom description but really who reads the descriptions
On the picture it showed the cards as cut , so I really think this is deceiving maybe put a picture of a4 uncut cards instead of cut or
Write it in bold on the top description with the title of the item.

Yousef M
Very good cards

Excellent cards, child friendly dua's and targets, and quality is great vs the price. Good value JazakaAllah kheir.

Sajida Ali
Ramadan cards

These little cards are brilliant, great way to get everyone involved with charity, and children can learn faster when they are with older siblings or friends