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The Majestic Quran (Hardback) – English Translation with Arabic

A Modern Quran translation that is written in plain English by Dr Musharraf Hussain


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We present to you, The Majestic Quran. A modern-day Holy Quran Translation, written by Dr Musharraf Hussain who has given us the Quran in “Plain English“. The Majestic Quran is highly recommended the best English translation of the Quran. It has both the English and Arabic writings to follow and interpret to think more deeply about the Quran.

Plain English

All my life I have read the Quran and never understood the sentences and metaphors. After reading this beautiful translation of the Quran over the past two years, we contacted Dr Hussain and have been able to get hold of a limited number of Holy Qurans. This Majestic Quran is in plain English, which makes it very easy to understand. We are strong believers that individuals should be able to pick up, read and understand the Quran. We consider this to be the best English translation of the Quran.


As well as being written in plain and simple English, the Majestic Quran is also written in Arabic.


This is a hardback printed Holy Quran which makes reading a lot easier. If you would prefer to listen to the Quran on one of our Quran Speakers then click here to see our Collection of Quran Products.

Authentic Translation

We are pleased to announce that Dar Al-Iftaa, the Premier Institution for Islamic Legal Interpretation in the Muslim World, has approved the Majestic Quran translation. Dar al-Iftaa is considered among the pioneering foundations for Fatwa in the Islamic world.

Whether you are looking to start your Journey in Islam, extend your knowledge, or get this as a gift, we wish that this Quran Translation brings you the knowledge that you seek.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Beautiful Quran

Kept seeing this Quran on social media and found it on this website. Delivery was fast and am very happy with this purchase- I regret not buying it sooner! It came wrapped in cellophane and the Quran itself is beautiful mash’Allah and easy to read and understand.

Very satisfied

Bought the book to improve my tajweed and also wanted to learn and understand the meanings of the ayaah and the translation in this perfectly enables me to do that. would definitely recommend!

Aisha Ali Bhatti
Immensely Satisfied

This is possibly the greatest purchase I've made in years! As 2023 has approached I wanted to begin it by started the Qur'an and reading the translation along with it. This book is not only helpful as it provides a paragraph of how the surah came down but also the key themes and questions within each page. Along with this, it gives you a subtitle of each topic being discussed which makes it so much easier to summarise. If I could I would give this a 100 rating! Highly recommended as it is very easy to understand.

Well written

Easy to read, came in good time

Samya Patel
Love it!

I am absolutely in love with everything about the Quran! The layout, the simplicity in understanding the meaning, the cover design everything Is beautiful SubhanAllah! So cheap as well!!