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The Quran and Me Journal

This is one for the “grown ups”.

Here is a modern day Quran Journal which aims to help us explore the Quran to uncover a deeper understanding.

We typically sell products for “Little Muslims” , however this is one item that I could not pass on stocking as this Journal offers you the opportunity to use teachings from the Quran and apply them to your own life. With all the ups and downs in life, we can try and self heal with the help of the Quran and Me Journal. Its luxurious design and hard-back casing invites you to explore different aspects of the Quran daily.
This unique product will give you a two page spread broken down into six components:

1. Ayah: So a translation of a verse/ ayah in the quran;
2. Subject: This Ayah is categorised by a subject for example Thankfulness, Trials, Tests helping you to frame your thoughts when reflecting;
3. Recited Ayah: An opportunity to connect with the verse by writing and reciting the Arabic;
4. Reflect and Understand : A chance to connect with key meaning/words within this Ayah by reading translations and tafsir;
5. Lesson: Uncover key points you discovered which relate to any personal issues and decisions;
6. Blank page for clarity: Make notes here on the Quran, any actions, difficulties and ease. You can doodle any other thoughts.

It makes the perfect gift for yourself, family or friends. This Journal is about you and your journey, and will be by your bedside for years as you can write your ideas and thoughts down.


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Sold out!

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Gud present

I bought this for my niece who has just finished reading quran first time and i thought this would be a great present for her as she loves writing and reading .