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Introducing our enchanting “Lift-the-Flap Dua Book,” designed to captivate your child’s imagination through the joy of discovery and hands-on engagement.

Engaging Exploration: This book is more than just reading; it’s a delightful journey of curiosity and physical play for your child. With lift-the-flap features, each page becomes an adventure, encouraging your little one to actively participate in the learning experience.

Vibrant Visuals: The book boasts a collection of cute and colorful illustrations that will instantly capture your child’s heart. These visuals not only engage their eyes but also spark their imagination, making the learning process joyful and memorable.

Spiritual Enrichment: Inside, you’ll find a selection of short duas that carry profound spiritual significance. As your child explores these pages, they’ll not only enjoy the interactive elements but also begin to familiarize themselves with common phrases of remembrance, fostering a deeper connection to their faith.

Engaging Storytelling: We’ve crafted the book in an engaging story format, making it easy for your child to follow along. Every page holds a new mystery waiting to be uncovered, creating an irresistible urge to keep turning the pages.

Invest in a book that not only educates but also entertains. Watch as your child’s curiosity, faith, and love for learning flourish with our “Lift-the-Flap Dua Book


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Introducing our remarkable board book, thoughtfully designed for the youngest learners. Crafted from thick, durable cardstock, this book is a testament to both its sturdiness and its commitment to early childhood education.

Sturdy and Durable: Our board book is constructed from thick cardstock, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of curious little hands. The robust pages are specifically designed to endure repeated use, making this book a reliable companion on your child’s learning journey.

Tactile Cover: To engage young readers even further, we’ve included a tactile cover feature. This sensory element invites your child to explore the book not only through sight but also through touch, enhancing their sensory development as they interact with the book.

Early Learning: With 18 engaging pages, this board book is tailor-made for children aged 0-4 years. It’s a perfect introduction to early learning concepts, from basic shapes and colors to fundamental vocabulary. The size, measuring 170mm x 190mm, is just right for little hands to hold and manipulate.

Multilingual Experience: To embrace diversity and inclusivity, this book has been thoughtfully translated into four different languages, ensuring that children from various linguistic backgrounds can enjoy and learn from its contents.

Authored by an Expert: Authored by Yasmin Mussa, Co-founder of Learning Roots, this board book benefits from her extensive experience in early childhood education. Yasmin’s dedication to providing high-quality educational resources shines through in every page, making this book a valuable addition to your child’s library.

Invest in a board book that not only entertains but also nurtures your child’s early development. With its robust construction, engaging tactile elements, and expert authorship, this book is a gateway to a world of learning and exploration for your little one.