Ramadan Gifts For Kids 2024

Ramadan Gift Ideas For Kids

Ramadan is just around the corner, and there is no better way to make this month meaningful for your little ones than with thoughtful Ramadan gifts for kids. We have curated some of our favourite unique and educational gifts to entertain your children and help them learn about this important celebration.

Muslim Children’s Books Super Saver Bundle

Islamic Kids Books

Our collection of colourful and fun storybooks takes children on exciting journeys whilst teaching them important Islamic lessons and values in an easy and enjoyable way. Share the gift of knowledge and joy this Ramadan and create special moments of learning and connection for your children.

Looking for fun and engaging activities for your little ones this Ramadan? Take a look at our range of colourful Ramadan activity books that are designed to keep young minds entertained while introducing them to the significance of Ramadan. Packed with puzzles, colouring pages, and stories, these activity books make learning about the holy month an exciting experience for them.

Yellow My Dua Pillow

My Dua Pillow

The My Dua Pillows are one of the most popular Islamic gifts for children! Our Islamic Dua pillow has its own unique child-friendly recording, recorded especially for My Dua’ Pillow, and an exclusive lullaby that helps children fall asleep. This soothing lullaby makes bedtime easier and more fun than ever!

Ramadan Personalised Adventure Themed Calendar

Ramadan Calendars

Our children’s Ramadan calendars are the perfect way for your little ones to learn about Islam as they countdown the days to Eid celebrations. These beautifully crafted calendars can be customised, allowing you to add your child’s name and create a unique daily ritual during this holy month. Mark each day with excitement as you approach Eid by including our Deed and Dua cards and get the whole family into the Ramadan spirit!

Personalised Ramadan with the family baby grow

Ramadan Pyjamas

Get your kids ready to celebrate Ramadan in style with their own personalised Ramadan pyjamas and baby grows! The sizing for our baby grows range from new-born to 12 months, and our pyjamas range from 6-12 months to 9-10 years, so these are perfect to bring the whole family together with matching pyjamas.

Baby Pink Kids Prayer Mat in Rainbow Design - with personalisation

Prayer Mats

Make prayer time extra special with our children’s prayer mats that are perfect for little ones who are beginning to learn Salah. Featuring vibrant colours and playful designs, these prayer mats are not only visually appealing but also serve as a wonderful tool to teach kids the importance of daily prayers. From the interactive My Salah Mat to our personalised children’s prayer mats, our range has the perfect prayer mat for your little ones this Ramadan!

Galaxy Quran Moon Lamp

Quran Speakers

Our range of Quran Cubes and Bluetooth Speakers are the perfect companion for your child’s spiritual journey! Help them to connect with Islam with Quran recitations, full translations and a multi-sensory experience for a memorable routine. Choose from speakers with soft mood lighting or projection lamps to illuminate your space with unique shapes to transform your child’s bedtime routine.

Kids Personalised Ramadan Iftar Apron - Mini Iftar MasterChef

Children’s Ramadan Aprons

Involve your little ones in preparing your Iftar this Ramadan with their very own Mini Iftar MasterChef apron. These stylish aprons are not only practical for young chefs but can also be personalised to include your child’s name. Make the act of preparing and breaking fast even more special with these unique and functional aprons.

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