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Little Muslim Books

Its been nearly a month since the launch and we have had a phenomenal response Alhamdulillah. Feel very proud that Little Muslim Books is on its way of becoming a household name.

Many of you may have seen Dina Tokia and Sid review the books on their YouTube channel. Alhamdulillah, they didn’t have a bad word to say! Their beautiful daughter loved the animations and was engaged while Dina read the books to her.

Similar to me Dina also struggled with finding an engaging Islamic book for her little one and felt that the overall offering is generally “not great”. However, when initially looking through our books at a glance she said “it looks promising”.

Dina Tokio continued by reading the books and reviewed each one. She understood the concept right away and appreciated the hard work that went into each of them! Once she had reviewed the books she ended her vlog by encouraging her followers to “check them out guys – Little Muslim Books” and exclaimed “I LIKE IT!!”.

To my surprise, the following day Sid and Dina were reading the books to their daughter Hanna. Hanna pointed out the banana in the book and was fully engaged while Dina read the book to her. This was the proud moment as I saw Dina and Sid benefit from our books like I have.

Little Muslim Books wants to inspire the next generation of Muslims. We want to promote loving times with growing minds!!

See below to watch the YouTube videos in full:

The last 3 minutes

The first 2 minutes

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