Working from home – Lockdown 2.0

Working from home

So since March 2020 the world has faced a global pandemic and one that has crippled the whole of civilisation as we know it. Day-to-day life, work, food shopping, seeing loved once, #Ramadan, #Eid, visit to the doctors, school run, the economy, events. Everything has changed with Working from home !! #newnormal #theworldsgonemad

Only Allah knows when things will get back to normal (if ever). if #Santa (in the face of #BorisJohnson) will deliver the vaccine in time for Christmas? Who knows?

But one thing I know is, as a parent working from home with children, has been close to impossible.

It’s a balancing act- trying to type on the keyboard, hold a kid in your lap and keep them away from pressing send to an email. That is the hard bit.

Working from home for parents

For those without children, well they have enjoyed their days (mostly) with all the extra time. No commute to work, added a new workout to their morning. Getting the laundry and supper prep done in between zoom calls, no real need to get ready unless you have a video call. I mean how peaceful and efficient!!

For those working from home with children of school age, they have found a new level of respect for their children’s teachers. Having to teach (and learn) the school curriculum while working and cooking has been tough! But life must go on….

All parents will agree that we are so pleased that schools have remained open for the time being. It has been a challenge, nevertheless, these little humans are not going to need us forever. So I guess we just need to appreciate all the quality time we have spent with them.

We will never get this time back and I guess we should cherish it. Isolating or working from home with young children during the pandemic is a story we can share with them when they are older. They grow up so quickly and one day they will (like us) tell their parents what they should do. Or show them how to use the Virtual Reality internet or whatever technology is trending at that time!


In the meantime, let us try to cherish the good moments and not dwell too much on the bad ones. And when the kid’s bedtime comes around (my favourite time of the day) try to unwind and make some time for ‘you time’.

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