Eid cards for sale | Eid charity - Little Muslim Books

Eid cards for sale | Eid charity - Little Muslim Books

How our special customers helped change lives by shopping Eid Cards at Little Muslim Life

Charity Eid cards

Our founder first thought about the Charity Eid cards collection around Christmas 2020 as her own children began to experience their first taste of the festive spirit at school. We couldn’t help but yearn for them to share that same excitement about Eid, and so the story of our charity Eid cards began…

Part of our vision was to create Eid cards that people of all ages would be surprised and inspired by. We explored other ways of depicting Eid and came up with a collection of fresh & modern designs. We couldn’t wait to show our lovely customers what we had created.

Little Muslim Life Eid cards Charity

The most special part of it though, was that 100% of the profits from the cards went to charity. All of it, and we couldn’t feel more blessed by the impact you made, and the help you gave, especially around Eid. Little Muslim Life sold 10,583 cards in total, and so with your orders, help and generosity, we alone, raised £5,370.08 in the space of March 2021 and May 2022!

Your money allowed us to equally help One Nation, Penny Appeal & Human Appeal to:

  • Provide hot meals to around 1700 children in Africa
  • Build wells & other essential water solutions across Asia, Africa & the Middle East
  • Gift children across the world with clothing, toys, sweets & food so they can enjoy Eid too

We are beyond words here at Little Muslim Life and cannot thank you enough for your orders and support. Lives have been changed with the cards you have bought. Thank you.

As you know, bringing smiles to our Little Muslims sits in the heart of everything we do here at Little Muslim Life… That’s why our cards are designed with all ages in mind – so you can give them to your brother, mother, cousin or friend! May Allah accept our sadaqah & smile upon us all. Ameen!

Join the charity mission with our charity Eid cards:

Shop now & join us on our Little Muslim mission to help change lives with our charity Eid cards.


See the charities you helped us support:


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