The Best Eid Gifts For The Family 2024

Eid is just around the corner, and what better way to spread joy than by showering your loved ones with delightful gifts? We understand the importance of thoughtful presents that not only celebrate the spirit of Eid but also bring smiles to the faces of your family and friends. Dive into our list of the best Eid gifts for your loved ones and make this holy period truly memorable!

Hana and Omar Singing Dolls

Introduce your little ones to Hana and Omar, the delightful companions from the beloved Omar & Hana YouTube series! Educate and entertain your children with interactive songs  to provide children with a joyful way to learn about Islam. Whether it’s for playtime, learning, or bedtime stories, they are here to sing and teach in the most delightful way!

iPray Salah Pad

Help your little ones develop a love for prayer with the iPray Salah Pad, an innovative prayer learning tool designed for kids. This interactive pad combines technology with tradition, guiding children through the various steps of Salah in a fun and engaging way. With images for each step and buttons to hear how to perform each step, the iPray Salah Pad makes learning and practicing prayers an enjoyable experience for kids.

salah pad in pink and blue

Eid Sacks

Take a look at our vast range of personalised Eid sacks for a stylish way to present your gifts this Eid. Available in various sizes and designs, our Eid sacks are perfect to add extra excitement to the gift-giving experience. Fill them with treats, toys, or other thoughtful presents, and watch as your family members delight in the joy of unwrapping their personalised Eid sacks.

Eid Money Pouches

One timeless tradition during Eid is the exchange of Eidi. Add a thoughtful and stylish twist to your Eidi gifting with our Eid money pouches that can be personalised and serve as keepsakes for your loved ones! Available in a variety of colours and designs these are the perfect alternatives to give money on Eid.
Rush To Mecca Boardgame
Try spending some quality time together away from any digital distractions with the Rush to Mecca board game! Blend education with entertainment and test your knowledge to reach the final round by getting as many correct answers as you can from the Deen and Dunya cards. Encourage teamwork and problem solving within your team in this unique gaming experience!

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